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Hankies make wonderful Mother's Day, Bridal, and personal gifts.     Tuck one in a Valentine or in a special gift basket!

Yellow Hankie LLH2001 $30.00Blue Hankie LLH2110  $30.00

Pink Hankie LLH2002 $30.00Purple Hankie LLH2003 $30.00

Lace edged linen hankies are a wonderful gift for any occasion!  
Crocheted with DMC Cebelia Size 30 Cotton.

Colorful Hankie Edges $4.50  Purchase pattern instructions

Rose Hankie LLH2004

Lace edged hankies provide that personal touch to a very special gift.   Crocheted with DMC Cebelia #20.

Rose Edged Hankie  $3.00  
Purchase pattern instructions


Hairpin Lace adorns this very special hankie.  
Crocheted with DMC Cebelia Size 30.

Bridal Hankie  $3.00 
 Purchase pattern instructions

A last minute gift for someone special...

Simple Hankie  $2.00
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Created for the bride, 
for her day!

Crocheted with DMC Cebelia Size 30.

Garter & Hankie Set  $3.00
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A wonderful gift idea!

Great for Mother's Day,
Bridesmaid gifts, or for a
little girl's Confirmation.

Crocheted with DMC Cebelia Sizes 10 & 20.

Purse & Hankie Set $4.50
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